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I am full of enthusiasm, with a heart of gold, call gorgeous too, I am also an engaging and delightful companion, whether for a social engagement or over an intimate, private dinner. Like someone you feel proud having on your arm, a perfect trophy-girlfriend! My style and grace & my discretion, these features turns me into a soul full of sensitivity and attention to detail greatly satisfying. I am also a woman of the world, whether you want to talk about politics, medicine, real estate or about absolutely nothing specific at all, just try my skills.


Outdoor, adventure, nature and fun! That is my motto.



“Go confident in the direction of your dreams, live the life you have imagined”



I wanna see you happy and I will always strive to establish a real connection



It is important to know how to contact me. I am available during 16pm-2am, dates can be estabished by handy only, calling 1-2hours before! Or the evening before

+4 0723 803 067

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